Hoofbeats To Heaven

christian horse minisrty

   Teach me O Lord the way of your statutes, and I shall keep them to the end.

   Get in a car and you will see the creation of man. Get on a horse and you will see  the creation of God


               Our Mission

First to give glory to God. To do good works in His name. To streanghen and edify believers and to  lead non-believers to the "Living Water "of Christ  


    Bringing Peaple and Horses togather for GOD

Wecome pleaase be patient as this page develops, as this is being done by spare time and change. HtoH is located in N.W. Ia.  Our Vision is to bring people who love the Lord  and horses  for chaarities and  fundraiser,

                                      Future Visions

in the future iwe hope to goto nursing homes and give buggy and wagon rides  to bring them joy. Old age shoud be exhalted and not comdemed. If possable a ride across America to promote the Gospels of the Lord to put Christ back in the center of socilety. So if you love Jesus and horses and would like to help  sign up and let me know. any donation would greatly apprieated thank you and God bless                        Sincerly Rev. J. C Hinds